The 12 “Minor” Prophets: Who Were They?

Who were the Twelve Messengers commonly referred to as the Minor Prophets? The Minor Prophets reveal that God uses a diverse group of individuals to communicate His promises. These messengers come from different backgrounds and employ a variety of styles to declare God’s Word. However different they may be, the prophets demonstrate a unity in... Continue Reading →

Abimelech: Gideon’s Arrogant & Abominable Son

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Although Abimelech’s father, Gideon, initially resisted the offer of kingship, his actions betray him and reveal his true intentions. He may not have used the royal title, but Gideon lived like royalty. Abimelech, whose name means “my father is king,” provides further evidence of the failures of Gideon. Upon his father’s... Continue Reading →

Ehud: An Unlikely Hero (Judges 3)

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Israel’s deliverance from Moab would come through an unlikely source: Ehud, the “lefty.” Whether Ehud was disabled (lacking the use of his right hand) or a trained assassin who was ambidextrous, he represents an improbable deliverer. If Ehud was selected because of a disability and therefore posed no obvious threat to... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Selfless & Sacrificial Living

What’s it all about? The new life is characterized by a desire to bear the burdens of others. This new love is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit's regenerative and sanctifying work in the believer. Christians should be known as those who are selflessly and loving support one another, and not as those who are always in... Continue Reading →

Othniel: The Prototype & Pattern

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Othniel, the nephew of Caleb, is portrayed as a conquering warrior, a family man, and a faithful servant of the LORD. His tenure as a judge (deliverer) of Israel will be the pattern that each successive judge will be weighed against. Although his story may be viewed as boring and lacking... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Spirit-Empowered Living

What’s it all about? Paul is warning the Galatian Christians that although they have been set free from the bondage of their former lives they will continue to face the temptation to satisfy their sinful desires. Nevertheless, as those who are indwelt by the Spirit of God, Christians have the ability to overcome such desires.... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Serving & Loving Others

What’s it all about? While is it true that Christians are free from religious and ceremonial adherence to the Mosaic Law, they are not free to live in open rebellion or in ways that contradict the gospel (e.g., murdering, stealing, etc.). True gospel freedom expresses itself in the sacrificial service and unconditional love of others... Continue Reading →

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