Poimenology: The Study of Pastoral Ministry

What is Poimenology? On the one hand, it is a word that I made up by adding the Koine Greek word for pastor (ποιμήν or ποιμένα, lit. shepherd) to the scientific phrase "ology," which means "the study of" a field or discipline. Conversely, I believe that as a field of study pastoral ministry has been erroneously... Continue Reading →

Why (and How) I Started Preaching Shorter Sermons

What would I tell the young man who surrendered to the preaching ministry almost twenty years ago? I would insist, in addition to studying the Scriptures (i.e. theology, scriptural interpretation), that he becomes a student of (1) how people learn and (2) how to communicate effectively to them. Sadly, many pastors have ignored non-theological disciplines,... Continue Reading →

The Bible is NOT the Warm-up Act

How many sermons open with a speed reading of the Bible? The pastor stands before the congregation not fully prepared, still trying to collect his thoughts and hoping to create a last-minute opening, and begins painfully reading the sacred text. His dry and monotone voice coupled with both his (obvious) disinterest in the text and... Continue Reading →

Pastoring & Personal Finances

The following article is in response to a series of questions that I've received from young pastors and/or men training for pastoral ministry. This post is part of a series of blogs wherein I attempt to provide an overview of the advice that I've given to younger pastors and seminarians. Pastoring & Personal Finances   It... Continue Reading →

Why I’m A Baptist

My beliefs are Baptist, but my identity is in Christ. Please don't confuse these two distinctions. My identity is not in a denomination. People and organizations may alter their beliefs and practices, but Christ never changes (cf. Heb. 13:8). Although I am proud to say that I am a Baptist, being a Baptist is not... Continue Reading →

Church Growth?

Church Growth vs. Community Engagement As a young seminarian, I was captivated by the Church Growth Movement. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was divided into several schools when I entered in 2005. The "missions" school, which was named in honor of Billy Graham, was officially known as the school of "Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth."... Continue Reading →

Affirming Deacons to Servant Ministry

Although this post does not cover (in-depth) the biblical qualifications for the diaconate, the corresponding public vows provide some insight into the character and quality of the men who have been called to serve the church. In future posts, I will address the qualifications, selection, and training of deacons. This post, however, focuses on the... Continue Reading →

The Apostle to Islam: Samuel Zwemer

In the history of Christian missions to the Muslim world only one man has been recognized with the honorary title, “the Apostle to Islam”.[1] Samuel Marinus Zwemer (1867-1952), a man whose name was synonymous with missions in Arabia, has seemingly been forgotten in the twenty-first century. According to Warren Larson, former director of the Samuel Zwemer... Continue Reading →

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