Why (and How) I Started Preaching Shorter Sermons

What would I tell the young man who surrendered to the preaching ministry almost twenty years ago? I would insist, in addition to studying the Scriptures (i.e. theology, scriptural interpretation), that he becomes a student of (1) how people learn and (2) how to communicate effectively to them. Sadly, many pastors have ignored non-theological disciplines,... Continue Reading →

Who has INFLUENCED you?

Is it possible to be influenced by people that you've never met? Of course, it is; however, you must recognize the limits of this influence. First, you've not been influenced by the person as much as you have been by his or her story and ideas. Don't get me wrong here, I realize that the... Continue Reading →

Affirming Deacons to Servant Ministry

Although this post does not cover (in-depth) the biblical qualifications for the diaconate, the corresponding public vows provide some insight into the character and quality of the men who have been called to serve the church. In future posts, I will address the qualifications, selection, and training of deacons. This post, however, focuses on the... Continue Reading →

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