The Danger of Exchanging Grace for Law

What’s it all about? If the Galatians turn from God’s grace to legalism (i.e., trying to approach God through strict observance of the Law) or moralism (i.e., trying to approach God through good works), then Paul’s ministry among them would have been a waste of time. The Galatians had professed faith in Jesus Christ as... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Selfless & Sacrificial Living

What’s it all about? The new life is characterized by a desire to bear the burdens of others. This new love is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit's regenerative and sanctifying work in the believer. Christians should be known as those who are selflessly and loving support one another, and not as those who are always in... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Spirit-Empowered Living

What’s it all about? Paul is warning the Galatian Christians that although they have been set free from the bondage of their former lives they will continue to face the temptation to satisfy their sinful desires. Nevertheless, as those who are indwelt by the Spirit of God, Christians have the ability to overcome such desires.... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Serving & Loving Others

What’s it all about? While is it true that Christians are free from religious and ceremonial adherence to the Mosaic Law, they are not free to live in open rebellion or in ways that contradict the gospel (e.g., murdering, stealing, etc.). True gospel freedom expresses itself in the sacrificial service and unconditional love of others... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Boasting in the Cross

What’s it all about? The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ inaugurated a new era of redemptive history that Paul refers to as the new creation. Those who are relying upon religious ritual or moral codes for salvation belong to the former era and remain in bondage, under the curse. Those who rely upon (i.e.,... Continue Reading →

The Gospel & False Teachers

What’s it all about? The false teachers were claiming that a person must adhere to religious rituals or moral standards in order to be justified by God. According to Paul, those who preach this counterfeit gospel will be judged accordingly. The Apostle was confident, however, that the believers in Galatia would not be swayed by... Continue Reading →

The New Life: Selfless & Sacrificial Giving

What’s it all about? The new life is characterized by a desire to bless all people, especially other believers. This desire is demonstrated in acts of generosity that provide for others financially. So what? As the recipients of God’s grace, Christians have been given the most costly gift in history: salvation. As the children of... Continue Reading →

Intro to Galatians: What is the Gospel?

Introduction: What is the Gospel? A Study of the Book of Galatians. Author: Paul, the author of the Letter to the Galatians, was formerly a Jewish religious leader and zealot who was known as Saul.  Prior to becoming a Christian, Saul was infamous for his persecution of the early church and his participation in the... Continue Reading →

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