Forthcoming: The Hidden Hand of God

Currently, I am preparing my next study guide for the upcoming Summer 2020 teaching series entitled, "The Hidden Hand of God: God's Providential Protection of His People." This will be a multi-part study of the Book of Esther and will complement the sermon series. I will make available both print and electronic copies of the... Continue Reading →

Argumentation, Persuasion, and Proclamation

People love to argue! If you were trapped in the bubble of either legal or theological education, you would be convinced that people LOVE to debate about anything and everything. I never realized how much and how long people will quarrel over the most minute details, irrelevant laws, or obscure doctrines. Arguing over minutia may... Continue Reading →

Pastoral Ministry & Law School

How is it possible for a full-time pastor earn a law degree? The short answer: grace and grit! It is hard to explain the challenges and difficulties that I faced while trying to complete one of the most difficult graduate degrees in higher education while pastoring full-time. However, it may help if I share a... Continue Reading →

Sermon Preparation: Outlining a Book

I'll spare you a trip through the pseudo-mystical phase wherein the preacher "gets alone" with God and through "divine revelation" receives his next sermon! It is frustrating to hear pastors say, "God gave me this message," or "God laid this message on my heart." Typically, that means (loosely translated), "I am just winging it" and/or... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget About the De-Churched

Somewhere between the “churched” and “unchurched” classifications is a neglected and overlooked group.[1] In some communities, the largest group of people that the church will engage with the gospel is made up of persons who, in the past, attended, joined, or were active in churches. Yet, for some reason, they are no longer connected to... Continue Reading →

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