Jonah: The God Who Loves the Nations (Sermon Notes)


A few takeaways from this lesson:

Don’t be like JONAH

1. Jonah expressed a very limited love. Far from loving his enemies, the prophet hated the Assyrians and despised the idea that God would be merciful to such cruel and evil people.

2. Jonah would have rather died than to proclaim the good news that God is merciful and gracious to undeserving people.

3. Jonah made himself the judge of the nations by deeming the non-Jewish people as unworthy of the grace of God.

4. Jonah wanted to limit the family of God to only people like himself (i.e., same ethnicity, nationality, etc.).


jonah blog with new titleThe focus of the narrative is not a hyper-analysis of the character of Jonah, but instead an attempt to reveal to the readers the character and nature of God.

1. God’s love is immeasurable and extends to all peoples, nations, and ethnicities.

2. God’s give life to the spiritually dead. (We’re commissioned to proclaim this truth to all peoples.)

3. God alone is the judge of the nations.

4. God is adopting persons from all nations and people groups into His family. This work continues through the preaching of the gospel to the nations.


Pastor T.J.

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